MuseBook gives you everything you need when you love playing sheet music. You can easily search for new free sheets from within the app. Fine-tuning your search to find only the sheet music you need is easy. Use filters like instrument or number of parts (solo, duet). Or search for guitar and find your favorite tabs.

MuseBook displays your scores in a very intuitive and fast way. You can even play the sound of the displayed sheet, for faster learning and understanding!

Your favorite scores can be added to your personal collection of sheet music, which is grouped by artist. This collection will automatically be synced with all your other devices you're logged in with MuseBook! So you can search sheets on your phone and play them from you tablet.

And of course there is support for your own personal collection of pdf sheet music, which can be played in the same convenient way.

- search a huge collection of free sheets for piano, guitar, keyboard, flute, violin, and more
- search on instrument (piano, guitar, etc.)
- add scores you like to your own library
- sync music library with multiple devices, so you can play the same scores from your phone and tablet
- play directly from your screen
- share your favorite scores with friends
- play the sound of the sheet music you found
- browse local pdf files
- login with your social account
- play directly on Spotify
- supports (bluetooth) page turning pedals.
- fast sheet music viewer
- pdf fullscreen
- bookmark your favorite local music
- recently opened music history


Platform: Android

Cost: Free

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