Pro Metronome

Pro Metronome: Elevate Your Rhythmic Experience

In the realm of music, rhythm is the heartbeat that drives a performance. Perfecting this rhythm requires precision, versatility, and the right tools. Pro Metronome by EUMLab stands out as the quintessential tool for musicians, offering a blend of simplicity and advanced features that cater to both novices and professionals alike.

Discover the Magic of Pro Metronome

With over 3 million users globally, Pro Metronome has redefined the way musicians synchronize to a beat. But what makes it the preferred choice for so many?

Unparalleled Precision: Timing is the essence of music. Pro Metronome's RTP (Real-Time Playback) technology guarantees microsecond accuracy, ensuring you're always in sync with the rhythm.

Adaptable Modes: Whether you're a drummer exploring polyrhythms or a guitarist practicing scales, Pro Metronome offers modes like Vibration, Beats, and Flash to suit your needs. The unique Rhythm Trainer feature challenges you to internalize the beat, enhancing your natural sense of rhythm.

Customizable Playlists: Organize your practice sessions by saving tempo settings to presets and creating playlists. Share these wirelessly with bandmates, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Stage and Practice Modes: Tailor your practice with the 'Auto Stop' feature or calibrate your tempo sense for live performances with the Stage Mode. Pro Metronome is as versatile as it is powerful.

Additional Features: From dynamic time signatures and 13 unique time-keeping sounds to real-time BPM calculation and Audiobus support, Pro Metronome is packed with features that set it apart from the rest.

Integration with STOMP Bluetooth Pedal

One of the standout features of Pro Metronome is its seamless compatibility with the STOMP Bluetooth pedal. This wireless foot pedal allows musicians to control the metronome without using their hands, offering a hands-free rhythmic experience. Whether you're transitioning between tempos or starting and stopping the metronome, the STOMP pedal ensures smooth, uninterrupted sessions.


Pro Metronome by EUMLab isn't just another metronome app; it's a rhythmic powerhouse designed to elevate your musical journey. When paired with the STOMP Bluetooth pedal, the experience is unparalleled, offering precision, versatility, and convenience. Dive into the world of rhythm with Pro Metronome and discover a new dimension to your musical prowess.

Platform: Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Website: Pro Metronome by EUMLab

MIDI Capable: Yes

App Store Links: iOS