CloudWire 2.4GHz Rechargeable Digital Wireless Instrument System

  • GREAT WIRELESS DISTANCE - up to 100 foot line of sight wireless range
  • LOW LATENCY FOR PLAYING YOU CAN FEEL - with >12 ms latency you will feel like you're using a high-end guitar cable
  • EXTRA LONG BATTERY LIFE: 8 hours of cable-free guitar playing and a reliable battery indicator always keeps you aware of what your level is!
  • GREAT TONE WITH NO RF COMPRESSION - Maintain 20Hz-20kHz frequency range and optimal signal clarity with 24Bit/48kHz on the 2.4GHZ wireless frequency
  • FITS ANY GUITAR - Designed to fit strats, les pauls, and everything in between. The guitar jack rotates 180° so that it can be connected to any kind of instrument. ***Please note that it is designed for PASSIVE guitars only - active guitars (which use a battery) will not work.

No More Cables

Would you like to move around freely while playing your instrument at home, the practice space or even the stage? CloudWire Wireless Guitar System offers the latest in reliable and affordable 2.4Ghz wireless technology so you can cut-the-cord and rock out! Whether you play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, or violin - you can forget about getting tangled up and being limited by cables. Thanks to its 180 degree rotatable jacks, the CloudWire wireless instrument system will work with any passive pickup instrument and any sort of output or input jacks: from Fender Stratocasters to Gibson Les Pauls, acoustic and bass guitars, and nearly everything in between. *Note: CloudWire will not work with active pickup instruments*

Welcome to crystal clear tone

You’re guaranteed to get a crystal clear, uncompressed, true wireless playing experience. With an impressive 105dB dynamic range at your disposal, crystal-clear sampling at 24Bit/48kHz, and a frequency range spanning 20Hz to 20kHz, you can rest assured that the most subtle nuances of your performance are captured and transmitted with the utmost fidelity.

CloudWire comes in the pocket-sized form of a transmitter and receiver. The design makes it very easy to use: simply plug in each unit into your guitar and corresponding amp/pedal chain; each unit will talk to each other and sync up, then you're good to go. Each unit comes equipped with red LEDs to indicate pairing status and blue LEDs to give you confidence in your battery life. The 1100mAh lithium battery is rechargeable through USB and will last 8 hours after a 5-hour charge.

Coda Music Technologies is a Seattle, WA based company with personal customer support anytime you need it. You can get CloudWire in Silver or Black and it's backed by our 1 year hassle-free warranty. Order yours now and you won’t ever have to roll another cable!