IEM-Pro Manual


Coda IEM-Pro in-ear monitor amplifier showcasing its sleek design, control knobs, and connection ports



  1. Insert 9V battery or power using 9VDC 100mA adapter.
    The battery life LEDs indicate how much battery is left.
    Green = Above 50%,
    Red = Below 50%.
  2. Connect cables from the output of your sound board to the inputs on your IEM. You can choose to connect just one input for a mono mix or connect both left and the right inputs for either stereo or dual-mono mix.
  3. MODE button determines whether the audio from inputs 1 and 2 are mixed in stereo or dual mono. In STEREO, the left input is routed to the left side of the headphones, and the right input is routed to the right side. In MONO mode, both inputs are routed to both sides of the headphones, and the BALANCE knob is used to adjust the volume level between the two sources.
  4. Volume Control turns on/off the units and adjusts the level of the headphone output.
  5. Balance Control adjusts the volume ratio or panning between left & right channels.
  6. Plug in your in ear monitor earbuds or headphones to the headphone jack.
    Tip = Left Signal,
    Ring = Right Signal,
    Sleeve = Ground.
  7. Once all connections have been made, make sure to remove IEM buds or headphones from your ears before powering on.