STOMP Bluetooth® Page Turner Pedal for Tablets

Free up your hands and improve your performance with the STOMP Bluetooth® Page Turner.

Our brand new wireless Bluetooth® pedal enables musicians and performers to change or scroll through pages on their digital devices using their feet, thereby creating seamless transitions between songs and sheet music. Not only is this an eco-friendly solution to using paper charts and sheet music, it also creates smoother transitions rather than fumbling through paper and binders. The Bluetooth® Page Turner easily syncs with dozens of popular sheet music, chord chart, tab, and reading apps including: OnSong, Planning Center Music Stand, forScore, MusicReader, Musicnotes, DeepDish GigBook, MobileSheets, SongBook Chordpro, NextPage, Teleprompt+ 3, and many more. Simply turn on the pedal, enable Bluetooth® on your device, and pressing "sync"!

  • Solid metal enclosure built for the road
  • Left/Right foot switches turn pages left or right, or scroll up and down seamlessly
  • 50+ foot range and can be configured within select apps to control multiple devices at once and turn the whole band's page together!
  • 150 hours on a single charge using a 9v battery or power using 9v DC power supply
  • 1 year warranty from an American company
Whether you're a solo artist playing coffee shops, weddings, or performing at home, or you play in a band, orchestra, cover band, or church worship team, changing pages with your feet using the STOMP Bluetooth® Page Turner is sure to improve your performances and creativity.

**Android 4 operating system currently does not support the Bluetooth HID commands needed for STOMP compatibility.

For more information and detailed specs, please download our manual or visit our FAQ.

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