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Perfect And Must Have Tool For Digital Sheet Music

This pedal is rock solid. It has responsive buttons. I love the quick switch that enables the virtual keyboard. And the power supply powers the pedal and my iPad. I wish I would have gotten this pedal years ago.

Gavin S.
STOMP Bluetooth Page Turner

Where has this been all my life?

If Apple made Bluetooth pedals they would make this. Totally unbreakable. So simple and no frills to use you would have to be stupid if you couldn’t work it out. Instantly connected. Feels so good to use and so robust. I love love love it. Used to have a BT Airturn 105. Never worked reliably and eventually one side stopped working. Replaced it with this. Not the cheapest but you get what you pay for!!!!!! FIVE BIG FAT STARS for the Coda Stomp Bluetooth pedal!!

Jamie S.
STOMP Bluetooth Page Turner

I can finally hear myself and mix the band in perfectly!

Coda’s wired iem system is solidly built, sounds great, and is very simple to use. The ability to choose between stereo and dual mono is a great feature and the overall volume is fantastic. Finally, no more asking the sound guy for more me in the monitors, I just adjust the blend knob in dual mono mode. Love it!

In Ear Monitoring System


After breaking 2 of the ‘plastic’ brands, it was great to find a ‘metal’ brand that stands up to some STOMPing. The features and functions are easy to learn and worth the $$$. Great customer service too!

Timothy B. 
STOMP Bluetooth Page Turner

Wireless App Control

Podcasting & Audio Production

In-Ear Monitoring

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