IEM-STEREO Wired In Ear Monitoring System Manual



  1. Insert 9V battery into the battery compartment or power using 9VDC 100mA adapter.The battery life indicator LEDs indicate how much battery is left.
    - Green = Above 50%
    - Red = Below 50%.
  2. Plug in XLR cables from the output of your sound board to the XLR inputs on your IEM-STEREO unit. You can choose to plug into just the left XLR input for a mono mix, or plug into both the left and right XLR inputs for a stereo mix. Alternatively you can plug into both XLR inputs for mono-mix mode, to control two different mixes.
  3. Select Mono or Stereo Input using the MODE switch located on the top of the unit.
    - Stereo Mode: Adjusts the balance between the left and right Channels.
    - Mono-Mix Mode: Adjusts the volume ratio between the left and right channels.
    Mode Switch.
    - In Stereo Mode: The systems sends the left input to the left headphone, and the right input to the right headphone. In Mona-Mix Mode: The left and right inputs are mixed and output to both headphones.
  4. The "pan" control will adjust the volume ratio between the channels.
  5. Plug in your favorite in ear monitor earbuds or headphones to the headphone jack.
    - Tip= Left Signal
    - Ring= Right Signal
    - Sleeve= Ground.
  6. Volume Control adjusts the level of the headphone output.
  7. Once all connections have been made, make sure your to remove IEM buds or headphones from your ears and power on using the power button located on the bottom of the unit.



Depress the mode button for stereo selection on your IEM system. Connect two XLR cables between your IEM system and the mixbus or auxiliary of your sound board. This will send the Left and Right input signals to their corresponding headphone output channels. In Stereo Mode the pan control will adjust the stereo balance.



Press the mode button down for mono selection on your IEM system. When connecting to a mono source, you can connect to either the Left or the Right input. With the mono mode active, the pan control should be turned to the corresponding side (i.e. if your source is connected to the Left input, turn the pan control all the way to the Left side).This will send the signal equally to both headphone channels.



Mono Mode can also be used as an easy way to create a custom monitor mix such as having the band in one channel and your instrument in another. To setup Mono-Mix Mode, press the mode button down, for mono mode selection. Then connect the mix of the band to the left input on your IEM-STEREO and connect the direct output of your channel/instrument to the right. Now the pan control will attenuate the level of either the band mix or your own channel by moving it to the right or left





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