Wired In Ear Monitor System / Headphone Amplifier

  • EASY TO WEAR AND CARRY - The compact size lets you easily carry this IEM amp to your gigs, recording sessions, and rehearsals. It comfortably clips onto your belt, out of the way so you can focus on your instrument.
  • PERSONALIZE YOUR MIX - Personalize your mix with both mono and stereo settings. Pan a click track or instruments for a cleaner mix in stereo. Switch to mono and keep one ear bud out to hear the room.
  • CLEARLY HEAR YOUR MIX - Enough power to clearly hear your mix over stage volume, even over drums. The built in limiter helps to control unexpected loud signal spikes. Combine with your favorite isolating ear buds or headphones to help protect your hearing.
  • NEVER LOSE POWER DURING A SET - The battery status light lets you know when it’s time to change the battery. With a battery life of up to 12 hours you won’t need to very often. When it is time to change the 9v battery, the easy access battery slot makes for a quick job. Forget the battery altogether with an optional 9v DC power adapter (sold separately).
  • ROAD WORTHY CONSTRUCTION - One less thing to worry about. The sturdy all-metal housing construction allows you to throw this in a bag and go. The high quality input and output jacks, knobs, and belt clip makes this a true road worthy IEM amp.

The Musician’s Choice for IEM Amplifying

The IEM-STEREO is designed and built with musicians in mind! This highly portable in ear monitoring amp is the perfect choice for live performances, rehearsals, and recording sessions.

Complicated In-Ear Monitoring (IEM) systems aren’t a viable option for a lot of people. They’re expensive, complicated to set up, and most of the time not very roadworthy. Having a personal IEM amp is a perfect way to use in-ears live. Without spending a ton of money.

Each band member is able to have their own personal monitoring. That also means not all band members need to use it! The IEM-STEREO is as expandable as you need it to be. Only need the drummer to have it for a click track? No problem. Want the whole band to be on in ears? Done. 

The discreet design is small enough to clip to your belt and sturdy enough to handle a lifetime of touring.

Why go with in ear monitoring?

More and more bands are moving to in-ear monitoring. If you’re playing a venue smaller than a stadium, you should consider it too. Stage monitors can muddy the overall house mix, making your music sound less solid and tight to the audience. There are a couple reasons for this. 

· Every member has a different mix, and

· The monitors have to be loud enough to hear over the drums and amps.

This reflects around the stage and carries to the audience, competing with the house mix. With an IEM amp, everyone can have their own mixes without compromising the house mix. 

In ear monitoring is also critical for protecting your hearing! You control how loud your mix is. Combined with sound isolating earbuds or headphones, you get a clear mix at a reasonable and safe level. No cymbals ringing in your ear. No treble-filled stage monitors shouting at you. Just a good mix.


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