Anytune is the music player for musical artists. This iOS and MacOS app provides a fantastic set of tools to Learn, Transcribe and Practice with your music. Create folders and set lists or use iTunes playlists to organize your music. Amazing time-stretching quality to hear each note unaltered at incredibly slow speeds. Tune each song individually to your instrument or voice, and practice the entire set without stopping. Start slow with the Step-It-Up Loop trainer and gradually increase the tempo until you’re playing that impossible rift at more than full speed. View your sound stage and isolate an instrument like cropping a photo with ReFrame.  Isolate your instrument to learn and transcribe and mute it to play along.  Add lyrics or textual tabs that scroll with the music.

Break down your song with marks and loops to easily navigate and practice tricky sections.  Add timed comments that display on screen to remind you during a performance. Use ReTune to make changes to tempo, pitch, gain and pan for specific sections of a song. Turn the recital into a success by skipping sections and slowing down only the challenging solo. Collaborate by sharing song settings, marks and notes with friends.

With the Remote Control Add-On and a STOMP from CODA Music you can control Anytune with no hands. Take your live performance, transcription or practice session to another level. Map pedal pressed to Anytune's commands for your custom remote setup. Use the PlayNext feature to remix a track in real-time by repeating a chorus, extending a solo or jumping over a section. Anytune and STOMP from CODA Music -  a great combo.

Platform: iOS, MAC

Cost: Free, Paid

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MIDI Capable: Yes