Anytune: Your Ultimate Practice and Performance Companion

Anytune is a versatile app designed to enhance your music practice and performance experience. Whether you're a musician, vocalist, dancer, or music educator, Anytune offers a wide range of tools to help you learn, practice, and perform with precision and flexibility.

Why Anytune is a Must-Have for Musicians and Performers

Discover the outstanding features and benefits that make Anytune an essential app for musicians and performers of all levels:

Audio Analysis and Tempo Control: Change the tempo of your audio tracks without affecting pitch. Adjust the speed to match your practice needs or learning pace.

Pitch Adjustment: Fine-tune the pitch of audio tracks to match your instrument's tuning or vocal range. Perfect for practicing in challenging keys.

Looping and Repeating Sections: Isolate and loop specific sections of a song for focused practice. Master difficult passages with ease.

Markers and Navigation: Create markers in your audio tracks to easily jump to key sections. Navigate songs, solos, and rehearsals effortlessly.

Customizable Interface: Personalize the interface with various themes and color options to suit your style and preferences.

Annotation Tools: Annotate your music with notes, lyrics, and comments. Keep track of your practice insights and progress.

Recording and Sharing: Record your practice sessions and performances within the app. Share your progress with teachers, bandmates, or on social media.

Integration with STOMP Bluetooth Pedal: Elevate your live performances with the integration of Anytune and the STOMP Bluetooth pedal. Control playback, tempo, and more hands-free during gigs.


Anytune is your ultimate practice and performance companion, offering a wide range of tools to enhance your musical journey. Whether you're practicing, teaching, or performing live, Anytune ensures that you have the flexibility and precision you need. Join the Anytune community and take your music to new heights.

Platform: Available for iOS and Android devices

Website: Visit the Anytune Official Website for more information and to download the app.

MIDI Capable: Yes, Anytune is MIDI capable, allowing seamless integration with MIDI devices like the STOMP pedal for hands-free control of playback, tempo, and more.