Controlling Your Soundbrenner Metronome Hands-Free With STOMP

One of the most common trends in live music right now is the use of metronomes. Sometimes they’re accompanied by tracks. But much of the time it’s just a metronome used to keep the band’s timing honest. 

And this is a great thing. It can make your band tighter and your performance better. It makes rehearsals better. It makes your internal metronome better. But if you’re reading this you probably already know these things and use a metronome at shows and rehearsals. 

But what you might not know is something that can make it even easier to use our favorite metronome app, Soundbrenner. How can it be even easier to use Soundbrenner? 

By controlling it hands-free with the STOMP Bluetooth App Controller Footswitch


Why It Makes Sense To Have Hands-Free Triggering 


It’s way easier. Instead of hitting a specific key command on your laptop, or trying to hit just the right spot on a tablet, you can simply start and stop with a footswitch. Accuracy matters way less when you’re talking about a footswitch, so you don’t have to lose focus on your gig to start the next track. 

It's extremely convenient. Going along with the above point, it’s effortless in a way that just makes sense. Guitarist can put it on their pedalboard, drummers can put it by their pedals, as can keys players, and vocalists can now brag that they have gear to load in (if you trust them with this responsibility...). 

It’s better for the show. The less you have to take your hands off your instrument, the better. Because it’s so easy to trigger your click tracks you don’t have to think about it. And as any musician knows, the less you have to think about, the better the show will be. 

And that’s the entire purpose of STOMP. STOMP makes it easy for you to keep your hands on your instrument so you can focus on your performance.

If you’re not familiar with STOMP by Coda Music Technologies, STOMP is a completely hands-free Bluetooth app controller. Musicians of all genres enjoy it for its simplicity, reliability, and compatibility. 

It’s really easy to connect with your Apple or Android device and use with Soundbrenner. Inside the app you can assign what you want each foot switch to do, such as start and stop the metronome. When you’re ready to trigger the metronome, you just step on the footswitch. Here’s a breakdown of the exact steps to get you started...


Programming Your Soundbrenner to Respond to STOMP Bluetooth Foot Controller


    1 - Open the Soundbrenner App and click “Settings”

    Soundbrenner app with Stomp Bluetooth pedal set up tutorial

      2 - Scroll to the bottom of App Settings and select “Foot Pedal Inputs”

      Soundbrenner app with Stomp Bluetooth pedal set up tutorial

        3 - Choose from preprogrammed options or program your own functionality.
          • a - We recommend using Mode 1 on STOMP to Start/Stop the metronome with FS1 and play the next song in the playlist with FS2.
          • b - Alternatively, you could use Mode 4 on STOMP to Start/Stop the metronome with FS1 and Tap Tempo with FS2.

          Soundbrenner app with Stomp Bluetooth pedal set up tutorialSoundbrenner app with Stomp Bluetooth pedal set up tutorial

            4 - Go back to the Metronome Player and now you have full control over your Soundbrenner App (and Soundbrenner Wearable), completely hands-free!

              Soundbrenner app with Stomp Bluetooth pedal set up tutorial

              Finally, no more taking your hands off your instrument and awkwardly reaching for your tablet or tapping your Soundbrenner wearable. No stopping your music just to trigger the metronome. You don’t even have to look at it!

              STOMP is compatible with any Bluetooth equipped device (yes, even the one you’re reading this on), has a huge 50’+ range that will work on the biggest of stages, and is the most durable Bluetooth app controller in the observable universe. I personally ran mine over with a truck years ago and still use it every week. 

              STOMP is being used by a wide variety of musicians, from guitarists and keys players, to band and orchestra musicians. Gigging professionals to weekend warriors.  

              If you’re ready to simplify your life and make your live shows better, then check out STOMP today. 


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