Dorico: Unleash Your Musical Creativity with Cutting-Edge Notation Software

Dorico is a revolutionary music notation software developed by Steinberg, designed to empower composers, arrangers, and musicians to bring their musical ideas to life with ease and precision. Whether you're composing for an orchestra, a band, or any musical ensemble, Dorico offers a comprehensive platform for creating, editing, and formatting sheet music that reflects your artistic vision.

Why Dorico is the Ultimate Notation Software

Discover the exceptional features and capabilities that make Dorico the preferred choice for music professionals and enthusiasts alike:

Intelligent Notation Engine: Dorico's state-of-the-art notation engine ensures that your musical ideas are notated beautifully and accurately. From complex orchestral scores to simple lead sheets, Dorico handles it all with finesse.

Flexible Input Options: Input music using a MIDI keyboard, computer keyboard, or mouse. Dorico adapts to your preferred input method, making the composition process as intuitive as possible.

Beautiful Sheet Music Output: Create stunning, publication-quality sheet music with ease. Dorico's sophisticated formatting options and engraving rules ensure that your scores look professional and polished.

Expressive Playback: Dorico goes beyond notation, offering realistic and expressive playback using virtual instruments. Hear your compositions come to life as you work on them.

Scoring for Any Ensemble: Whether you're composing for a symphony orchestra, chamber ensemble, choir, or solo instrument, Dorico's comprehensive library of instruments and customizable layouts supports your creative needs.

Seamless Integration with STOMP Bluetooth Pedal: Enhance your music notation workflow with the integration of Dorico and the STOMP Bluetooth pedal. Control page turns and playback hands-free, allowing you to focus on your music without interruption.


Dorico is your gateway to unleashing your musical creativity, offering a comprehensive set of tools and features to bring your musical ideas to life. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional notation and embrace the power and flexibility of Dorico. Join the Dorico community and elevate your music composition and notation experience.

Platform: Available for Windows and macOS

Cost: Dorico is available in various versions, including Dorico Elements, Dorico Pro, and Dorico SE, with pricing options to suit your needs. Visit the Steinberg Dorico Page for detailed pricing information.

Website: Dorico by Steinberg

MIDI Capable: Yes, Dorico is MIDI capable, allowing seamless integration with MIDI devices for precise control during your music composition and notation tasks.