iCue is a comprehensive teleprompter app. Many of its features were inspired by professionals and hobbyists in the fields of media and broadcasting, music, education and ministry.

• Author files directly in iCue with complete control over fonts, size, spacing, indent, alignment and color. Store text styles as presets for later use.

• Import and share files from iTunes, Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, FTP, a built-in web server, and directly from other devices or other apps.

• Import iCue files, text files, RTF files, Word (docx) files, or HTML files. Export files as iCue files, text files, RTF files or HTML files.

• Mirror the text horizontal or vertically for use in reflecting teleprompter systems.

• Use a guide to indicate reading position.

• Use a count down before playback to prepare for reading.

• Use a timer to keep track of time remaining or time elapsed.

• Mirror the teleprompter content on an external screen.

• Record your presentation using the built-in camera and share the videos.

• Remotely control multiple prompters using the iOS Remote feature.

• Choose from numerous remote technologies including keyboards, touch tone remotes, audio remotes, a built-in web server, bluetooth MIDI, MFi game controllers and speech control.

• Record interactions and play them back with the touch recording remote.

iCue is a must have for any amateur or professional that needs complete control of scrolling text content.


Platform: iOS

Cost: Paid

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