iReal Pro

iReal Pro provides all musicians (beginners, students, teachers, professionals) backing tracks of chord charts selected from the thousands available from the iReal Pro forum or input themselves. Any song's chords can be edited, form changed or introduction added. Transpose to any key, apply a playback style to any song (includes Swing, Funk, Bossa, Reggae, Country, Samba, Montuno, or any of the Blues styles (currently IAP), set how many times it will repeat the song and set a tempo. Use the mixer to select what instrument sounds play and volumes.

* Beginners on guitar, ukulele, piano can learn from the finger diagrams.

* Improvisors can scales from each of the chords, set a looped section for repeated playback while practicing difficult chord progressions, or set it for the key (and/or tempo) to change on each repeat (looped section or the entire song).

* Singers and buskers have a quick and easy way to provide great backing tracks with any song being able to be customized using the Editor.

* Songwriters have access to a band experience as they refine their song's chords and structure.

* Send a playlist of songs to your band members to practice at home to reduce rehearsal time.

* Teachers can prepare chord exercises for their students; Students might use the Record function to quickly capture their progress for evaluation.

For new users, the tutorials built into the help section explain all the various functions.

There is hours of fun to stimulate learning and practice in the one app.

Thousands of musicians around the world have benefited from many years of using iReal Pro for practice and gigs.

iReal Pro is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android devices.


Platform: iOS

Cost: Paid

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