JamUp Pro XT

JamUp Pro XT: Your Ultimate Multi-Effects Processor

Experience the power of professional-grade guitar effects and amp modeling with JamUp Pro XT. This versatile app is designed for guitarists of all levels, offering a wide range of effects, amplifiers, and features to take your guitar playing to the next level.

Why JamUp Pro XT is the Ultimate Multi-Effects App

Discover the exceptional features and benefits that make JamUp Pro XT stand out:

Effects Galore: JamUp Pro XT boasts a vast collection of high-quality effects, including overdrive, distortion, delay, reverb, and more. Experiment with endless sound possibilities.

Amp Modeling: Access a library of legendary amplifier models and cabinets. Achieve the tones of your favorite guitarists and bands without the need for bulky gear.

Looper and Recorder: Record your riffs and compositions with the built-in looper and recorder. Create full songs or practice your solos with ease.

Customizable Pedalboard: Build your dream pedalboard with drag-and-drop simplicity. Arrange and control your effects for seamless live performances.

Backing Tracks: Jam along with professionally recorded backing tracks in various genres. Sharpen your skills and have fun while practicing.

Presets and Sharing: Save your favorite tones and share them with the JamUp community. Explore a vast library of user presets for inspiration.

Integration with STOMP Bluetooth Pedal: Elevate your playing experience with the STOMP Bluetooth pedal integration. Effortlessly switch effects and control your tone on the fly during performances.


JamUp Pro XT is your all-in-one solution for exploring a world of guitar effects and tones. Whether you're performing on stage, recording in the studio, or practicing at home, this app offers unmatched versatility and convenience. Join the JamUp Pro XT community and elevate your guitar playing.

Platform: iOS

Cost: JamUp Pro XT offers a free version with limited features. Unlock the full potential with in-app purchases.

Website: JamUp Pro XT on the App Store

MIDI Capable: Yes, JamUp Pro XT is MIDI capable, allowing seamless integration with MIDI devices for precise control of your effects.