Lime Lighter

Purpose: Allows performers with low vision to read and to write magnified music in an accessible environment. Touch gestures for score navigation and mark-up. Screen of at least 17 inches in diagonal width recommended.

Users with low vision can read and write musical scores using magnification of zoom levels up to 10X; standard or inverted colors; option to color each degree of the scale; optional verbal and musical cues for practice sessions. Music tracks to the user’s eye.

Software titles: SharpEye (music-scanning), Lime Lighter (read/write magnified music notation).

Options for creating scores in Lime format (applies to both GOODFEEL and Lime Lighter solution for partially sighted):

1. Scores can be imported into Lime as MusicXML, NIFF, or MIDI from programs like Finale and Sibelius.

2. Scores can be scanned with SharpEye and results passed to Lime.

3. Score information can be entered manually into Lime using the mouse, PC keyboard, a musical keyboard, or any combination of all three.


Platform: Windows

Cost: Paid

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MIDI capable : Yes