Lyric Pad 3

Lyric Pad 3 is the third generation of the successful song sheet organiser
family which was first released in 2011.
Designed specifically for gigging musicians this app is packed full of
features whist maintaining a simple to use and clean interface.

Features include:
- support for txt lyric files
- automated scrolling of lyrics with powerful automation scripting options
- search song title and artist by typed text
- organise songs by title, artist, genre, category
- setlists
- fully featured editor for songs
- set list editor
- easy management of playlist
- fully customizable user interface
- playing of backing tracks
- metronome

Other features that are coming:
- other languages
- pdf support
- chromecast support
- wifi master and slave sort for multiple tablets
- sending and receiving of midi pc and cc messages




Platform: Android

Cost: Paid

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