MusicReader: The Ultimate Digital Music Stand for Every Musician

Step into the future of sheet music with MusicReader, a comprehensive solution tailored for musicians across all devices. Whether you're using an iPad, iPhone, Windows, Android, ChromeOS, or macOS, MusicReader transforms your device into a state-of-the-art digital music stand.

Why MusicReader is a Game-Changer for Musicians

MusicReader isn't just a digital sheet music app; it's a holistic platform designed to cater to the modern musician's every need. Here's what sets it apart:

Universal Compatibility: From iOS devices to Windows computers, MusicReader ensures a seamless sheet music experience across all platforms.

Offline Access: Access your sheet music anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection.

Customizable Music Library: Organize, search, and personalize your music collection with ease.

Dynamic Display Options: Opt for full, half, or dual page views, and benefit from the half-page turn feature for enhanced readability.

Annotation Tools: Mark your scores with pencil, marker, text, and symbols. Direct annotations with digital pens are also supported.

Hands-Free Page Turning: Navigate through your music effortlessly using foot pedals or the built-in automatic timer. And yes, it integrates perfectly with the STOMP Bluetooth pedal for a seamless performance.

Integrated Music Tools: With a built-in music player, metronome, sound recorder, and more, MusicReader is more than just a sheet music app.

Cloud-Based Music Management: Synchronize your music across devices, transfer sheet music with ease, ensure secure backups, and share your music with fellow musicians.


MusicReader is revolutionizing the way musicians access, read, and manage their sheet music. With its plethora of features, cross-device compatibility, and STOMP Bluetooth pedal integration, it's the ultimate tool for every musician, be it a solo artist, ensemble member, or orchestra player.

Platform: iOS, iPadOS, Windows, Android, ChromeOS, macOS

Website: MusicReader