Are you ready for a superior music reading experience? Newzik is the go-to collaborative app allowing you to build your own digital library and access it wherever you are.

*Who was Newzik created for?

The Newzik app was designed for the pickiest musicians, by the pickiest musicians. Whether you are leading one of the world’s most prestigious symphonic orchestras, studying the guitar in a music school or singing in a bar while playing the piano, Newzik was built for you!

*Organize your digital library

1) Use any standard digital format: import your PDF, TXT or MusicXML files, but also your audio/video files to build your own digital library.

2) Access your library anywhere: thanks to the Newzik Cloud, you will retrieve your sheet music when and where you need them, from any iOS device.

3) Organize your library more efficiently into setlists and sort your scores in alphabetical order, by composer or in a custom order.

4) Add several files such as parts or arrangements to the same piece and switch between each in a single click.

5) Rearrange, delete or duplicate pages from your scores to customize your pieces.

*Enhance your scores

1) Annotate with pens, highlighters or musical symbols and create an infinite number of layers.

2) Use an Apple Pencil for even more powerful results! If you use the 2018 Apple Pencil, you will access some exclusive features by using the double tap.

3) Choose your page-turn preferences: the Bluetooth foot pedal, the Jump, the half-page turn and much more!

4) Synchronize your scores with audio or video files, including Youtube videos, to create play-alongs or interactive courses for your students.

*Share with your fellow musicians

1) Discover our Projects: collaborative environments allowing you to share your content and annotations with other musicians in real-time.

2) Export your pieces as PDF and retrieve them with annotations in your mailbox or in any other app.

3)Take control of the page turn for the whole group by connecting several devices together in the Band mode.

*Additional features

1) Read MusicXML files and enjoy unprecedented flexibility with transposition, custom display, audio balance and much more.

2) Rent or buy music scores from the greatest music publishers and receive them directly in Newzik.

3) Use our built-in metronome.

4) Stay safe on stage with our Performance mode.


Platform: iOS

Cost: Paid

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