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NextPage is live performance tool designed with just one thing in mind: Eliminate the hassle of paper music and free you to perform at your very best. NextPage allows you to organize your music into set lists and move between pages and songs with finger taps, swipes, or wireless foot pedals like the Coda STOMP Bluetooth pedal. Need to jump 5 pages back to repeat a section? NextPage allows you to that in just one tap! NextPage also provides a full set of markup tools to annotate your music, a metronome designed for live performance, an audio player to help you get ready for rehearsal, and much more.

What separates NextPage from similar apps is its simplicity. It is intentionally designed to be as simple as possible to use with just the minimum features needed for rehearsal and live performance. NextPage is not, and never will be, a “kitchen-sink” app full of dozens of unnecessary features that are hard to use or can paralyze you when playing live. Since bringing NextPage to the App Store in 2010, we’ve had so many requests for features that we have simply said “No” to because we are serious about keeping NextPage a serious performance tool that you can rely on, and, a joy to use.


Platform: iOS

Cost: Paid, Free

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