nkoda: Your Ultimate Sheet Music Library

nkoda is a revolutionary platform that brings sheet music into the digital age. Whether you're a professional musician, educator, or music enthusiast, nkoda offers an extensive collection of sheet music at your fingertips.

Why Choose nkoda for Your Sheet Music Needs

nkoda goes beyond traditional sheet music by offering a range of features tailored to musicians of all levels:

Extensive Library: Access a vast library of sheet music, spanning classical, contemporary, jazz, and more. Explore compositions from renowned publishers and composers.

Annotations and Markings: Make your sheet music truly yours with the ability to annotate, highlight, and add personal markings to your scores.

Interactive Scores: Experience music like never before with interactive scores that allow you to transpose, playback, and analyze your music seamlessly.

Offline Access: Download your favorite scores for offline practice and performance, ensuring you're always prepared, even without an internet connection.

Collaborative Tools: Collaborate with fellow musicians, teachers, and students by sharing and working on scores together, no matter where you are.

Integration with STOMP Bluetooth Pedal: Enhance your sheet music experience with the seamless integration of nkoda and the STOMP Bluetooth pedal. Turn pages hands-free, control playback, and focus on your performance.

What Users Say About nkoda

Discover what musicians and educators have to say about their nkoda experience:

"nkoda has transformed the way I approach sheet music. It's like having an entire library in my pocket, and the interactive features are a game-changer." - Julia, Professional Pianist

"As a music teacher, nkoda has been a valuable tool for my students. It makes learning and practicing so much more engaging." - David, Music Educator

"The integration with the STOMP Bluetooth pedal is genius. It has simplified my performances and rehearsals." - Sarah, Violinist


nkoda is your gateway to a world of sheet music possibilities. Whether you're performing on stage, teaching in the classroom, or simply exploring music for pleasure, nkoda's innovative platform and STOMP Bluetooth pedal integration offer convenience and flexibility. Join the nkoda community and elevate your sheet music experience.

Platform: Available for iOS and Android

Cost: Subscription-based pricing, visit the nkoda website for details

Website: nkoda Official Site

MIDI Capable: Yes