Oboe Prompter

Oboe Prompter: The Teleprompter Revolution for Oboe Players

For oboe enthusiasts and professionals alike, the Oboe Prompter stands out as a unique teleprompter tailored specifically for their needs. This innovative app offers a blend of intuitive features and advanced functionalities, ensuring that oboists can focus on their performance without any distractions.

Why Oboe Prompter is a Game-Changer for Oboists

Oboe Prompter isn't just another teleprompter app; it's a specialized tool designed with the oboist in mind. Here are some standout features:

Beginner-Friendly Approach: Oboe Prompter offers a step-by-step guide for beginners, ensuring they can get started with ease. From selecting the first Major scale to adjusting the tempo, the app provides a smooth onboarding experience.

Interactive Annotations: The app allows users to annotate their scores, making it easier to highlight specific sections or add personal notes.

Dropbox Integration: Store your music charts directly in Dropbox, ensuring they're always accessible and organized.

STOMP Bluetooth Pedal Compatibility: Elevate your performance with the seamless integration of Oboe Prompter and the STOMP Bluetooth pedal. Navigate through scores, make annotations, and more, all hands-free.

Import Your Own Music: The app allows users to import their own MIDI files, making it versatile and adaptable to individual needs.

FAQs and User Feedback

Oboe Prompter has garnered positive feedback from its user base, with many highlighting its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and the added advantage of STOMP Bluetooth pedal integration. The app's FAQ section provides valuable insights, addressing common queries and offering solutions to enhance the user experience.


Oboe Prompter is more than just a teleprompter; it's a comprehensive platform that caters to the unique needs of oboe players. Its blend of user-centric design and advanced features ensures a seamless experience. When paired with the STOMP Bluetooth pedal, the experience is further enhanced, offering convenience and efficiency. Dive into the world of oboe music with Oboe Prompter and elevate your performance to new heights.

Platform: Available for iOS, Android

Website: Oboe Prompter Official Site