Play On Cue

Play On Cue: Seamless Audio Playback for Live Performances

Live performances, whether in theater, dance, or concerts, require precision in audio cues. Play On Cue emerges as a reliable solution, offering an intuitive platform for the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that cues and plays individual sounds and songs with a simple tap.

Why Play On Cue is a Must-Have for Performers and Sound Engineers

Play On Cue isn't just another audio playback app; it's a dedicated platform tailored for live performances. Here's why it stands out:

Instant Playback: With Play On Cue, as soon as one song finishes, the next is displayed and ready to play, ensuring seamless transitions during performances.

Designed for Live Shows: Whether you're part of a theater group, dance troupe, talent show, concert, or karaoke session, Play On Cue ensures that each song starts on the precise cue.

Customizable Playlists: Use iTunes to craft your playlists. Once done, select them in Play On Cue, load all songs for each set or scene, and ensure your sounds or songs play in the desired order.

Integration with STOMP Bluetooth Pedal: Elevate your Play On Cue experience with the STOMP Bluetooth pedal. Navigate through your audio tracks, control playback, and ensure a flawless performance, all hands-free.

Support for Wireless Bluetooth Remotes: Play On Cue is compatible with AirTurn, PageFlip, and of course, STOMP, offering versatility in remote control options.


Play On Cue stands as an invaluable tool for anyone involved in live performances. Its blend of user-friendly design, instant playback features, and integration with the STOMP Bluetooth pedal makes it indispensable for ensuring flawless audio cues during shows. Dive into the world of live performances with Play On Cue and experience seamless audio playback like never before.

Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

Cost: Pricing details available on the App Store

Website: Play On Cue