PolyNome is an iOS app designed to be the go-to tool for the practising and 

performing musician.

Whether you need a basic metronome, full drum grooves, voice counting, 
polyrhythms, band set lists, count-offs, or cue tracks, PolyNome has you 

Get started quickly with the demo presets that come with the app. Each 
preset includes a video explaining how it was created so you can learn to 
program your own patterns easily.

There’s also a free Public Library where you can browse and download 
hundreds of Presets made by other users.

PolyNome automatically logs the date, time, duration and tempo of every 
preset you play. You can view stats and charts of what you’ve been working 
on, and you can set goals for how long you want to practice.

The Practice Log page shows your progress to keep you motivated.

PolyNome also features a Daily Journal that you can use for recording what 
you’ve worked on, or planning what you want to work on.

It's the ultimate tool for the performing or practicing musician!


Platform: iOS

Cost: Paid

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