ProPresenter: The Ultimate Presentation Software for Live Productions

In the realm of live productions, ProPresenter stands out as a cross-platform (Mac and Windows) lyric and media presentation package. Designed with precision and efficiency, it aims to make high-quality live productions not just possible but also straightforward. Whether it's worship gatherings, sporting events, conferences, or even broadcast television, ProPresenter is the go-to solution.

Why ProPresenter is a Must-Have for Every Live Production

ProPresenter isn't just another presentation software; it's a comprehensive platform tailored for live events. Here's what sets it apart:

High-Quality Live Productions: ProPresenter is built specifically to ensure that live productions, be it worship gatherings, sporting events, conferences, or broadcast television, are of the highest quality.

Dynamic Control: Operators can control a presentation on one screen while dynamically affecting the visuals and lyrics experienced by an audience on one or more screens. This dynamic control ensures a seamless experience for the audience.

Global Recognition: Used by ministries and organizations worldwide for over a decade, ProPresenter has evolved based on valuable user feedback, leading to the creation of ProPresenter version 5, the evolution of this award-winning presentation software.

Integration with STOMP Bluetooth Pedal: Navigate through your slides and manage your presentations effortlessly using the STOMP Bluetooth pedal. This integration ensures hands-free operation, allowing professionals to focus solely on their presentation.


ProPresenter is more than just a presentation software; it's a revolution in live production. Whether you're hosting a worship gathering, a sporting event, a conference, or a broadcast television show, ProPresenter ensures you have the best tools at your disposal. The added integration with the STOMP Bluetooth pedal further amplifies the user experience, making every presentation efficient and engaging.

Platform: MAC, Windows

Cost: Paid, with a Demo available

Website: ProPresenter Official Site