SampleWiz: Dive into the World of Sonic Exploration

For musicians and sonic explorers, the quest for unique and expressive sounds is never-ending. SampleWiz emerges as a beacon in this journey, offering a platform that pushes the boundaries of traditional sampling instruments.

Why SampleWiz Stands Out in the World of Sampling

SampleWiz is not just another sampling app; it's a universe of sonic exploration. Here's what sets it apart:

Interactive Sound Design: SampleWiz invites you to 'touch the sound.' This interactive approach allows for real-time sound manipulation, offering a fresh and expressive experience.

Signature Sounds: Play a selection of Jordan Rudess's signature sounds directly on the SampleWiz keyboard. From iconic leads to innovative soundscapes, SampleWiz offers a rich sonic palette.

Direct Waveform Interaction: Dive deep into sound design by playing directly on the waveform screen. This hands-on approach offers unparalleled control over your samples.

Integration with STOMP Bluetooth Pedal: Enhance your SampleWiz experience with the STOMP Bluetooth pedal. Navigate through your samples, control playback, and manipulate sounds, all hands-free.

Collaboration with Leading Sound Developers: SampleWiz boasts a rich library of sounds, thanks to partnerships with leading sound developers and Jordan Rudess's personally selected onboard presets.


SampleWiz is a testament to the future of sampling. Its blend of interactive sound design, signature sounds, and integration with the STOMP Bluetooth pedal makes it a must-have for every sonic explorer. Dive into the world of sound with SampleWiz and discover new horizons of musical expression.

Platform: iOS

Cost: Pricing details available on the App Store

Website: SampleWiz by Wizdom Music

Contact Support: Support available through the Wizdom Music website