Smart Metronome

Smart Metronome & Tuner: Precision and Versatility in One App

For musicians, timing and tuning are paramount. Whether you're practicing scales, rehearsing with a band, or performing live, having a reliable metronome and tuner is essential. Enter Smart Metronome & Tuner, an app that combines the best of both worlds, offering precision, versatility, and a user-friendly interface.

Why Choose Smart Metronome & Tuner?

Smart Metronome & Tuner is not just another app; it's a comprehensive tool designed to cater to the diverse needs of musicians. Here's what sets it apart:

Three Distinct Modes: The app offers Normal, Repeat, and Program modes, catering to various practice needs. Whether you're looking for a basic metronome experience or a more advanced rhythmic session, Smart Metronome & Tuner has got you covered.

Realistic Pendulum Movement: Enjoy a visually pleasing experience with the app's realistic pendulum animation, coupled with natural sounds recorded from real metronomes and percussions.

Advanced Features: Dive deep into rhythm with customizable tempo, time signatures, subdivisions, and more. The app also offers a drum machine, tuning meter, and full voiceover compatibility, ensuring an all-rounded musical experience.

Programmable Tempo and Measures: Tailor your practice sessions by programming tempo changes and measure counts. The app also supports accelerando and ritardando, allowing for dynamic tempo shifts during practice.

Intuitive Design: With its user-friendly interface, Smart Metronome & Tuner ensures that musicians of all levels can navigate and utilize its features with ease.

Integration with STOMP Bluetooth Pedal

Smart Metronome & Tuner's capabilities are further enhanced when paired with the STOMP Bluetooth pedal. This integration allows musicians to control the metronome hands-free, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted practice sessions. Whether you're adjusting tempos, starting, or stopping the metronome, the STOMP pedal offers seamless control, making it an indispensable tool for every musician.


Smart Metronome & Tuner stands as a testament to what a modern rhythmic tool should be. Its blend of precision, versatility, and user-friendly design makes it a must-have for musicians. When integrated with the STOMP Bluetooth pedal, the experience is elevated, offering unmatched convenience and control. Dive into the world of rhythm with Smart Metronome & Tuner and redefine your musical journey.

Platform: Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac with Apple M1 chip or later

Cost: Free

Website: Smart Metronome & Tuner on App Store

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MIDI Capable: No

App Store Link: iOS