Songsterr: The Ultimate Destination for Guitar Tabs with Rhythm

For every guitar enthusiast, finding accurate tabs is crucial. Songsterr emerges as a beacon in this quest, offering guitar, bass, and drum tabs with rhythm. It's not just about the tabs; it's about the rhythm, the accuracy, and the vast selection that Songsterr brings to the table.

Why Choose Songsterr?

Songsterr stands out in the world of online guitar tabs for several reasons:

Extensive Collection: Boasting a massive selection of over 800,000 tabs, Songsterr ensures that musicians of all genres and eras find what they're looking for.

Accuracy Guaranteed: One accurate tab per song. That's the Songsterr promise. Say goodbye to the confusion of multiple versions and embrace the clarity of precision.

No Distractions: Enjoy an ad-free experience. Songsterr believes in delivering quality without any intrusive ads.

STOMP Bluetooth Pedal Compatibility

While Songsterr offers an immersive experience on its own, integrating it with the STOMP Bluetooth pedal elevates it to another level. Navigate through tabs, play, pause, or switch between tracks, all hands-free. The STOMP pedal's seamless compatibility ensures that musicians can focus on their performance without any interruptions.


Songsterr is more than just a platform for guitar tabs; it's a community, a resource, and a tool that every musician should have in their arsenal. With its vast collection, accuracy, and compatibility with the STOMP Bluetooth pedal, Songsterr is truly a game-changer in the world of music tabs.

Platform: Web-based, iOS (Available on the App Store)  - Only the web version will work with Bluetooth pedals

Cost: Free version available with a premium option for advanced features

Website: Songsterr Official Site