Stage Traxx

Stage Traxx is an audio player designed for professional musicians

working with backing tracks. With Stage Traxx 3, controlling your live
performance will be easier than ever before.

Whether you work with prepared playlists or decide on the fly which
track to play next, whether you need lyrics or only need a rock solid
audio player, Stage Traxx is the right tool for the job.

You can freely map your STOMP switches to a large number of actions like
start / stop playback, mute audio or scroll lyrics.


- Playback can stop or continue after each track

- Support for lyrics in LRC format including timecode

- Different adaptable automated scrolling modes

- Reorder tracks while performing

- Unlimited playlists

- Remote control via Bluetooth and MIDI pedals

- Separate pitch, speed and equaliser settings for each track

- Control external gear by sending MIDI commands during playback

- Send lyrics of the current track to other iOS devices via WiFi

- Import tracks from the media library or any cloud storage provider
that can be integrated into iOS

- Support for Audiobus 3

- Fade in, fade out and crossfade can be enabled

- 8-band master equaliser to adapt to room

- Extended configuration options

- Dark or light user interface

- Customisable colors

- Universal app will run on iPads, iPhones and iPod touch


Platform: iOS

Cost: Paid

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MIDI Capable: Yes