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Tempo Advance: Elevate Your Rhythmic Precision

For musicians, rhythm is the backbone of every composition. It sets the pace, mood, and tone of a piece. Recognizing the importance of rhythm, Tempo Advance emerges as a leading metronome app, designed to elevate your rhythmic skills and precision to unparalleled heights.

Why Tempo Advance is a Game-Changer

Tempo Advance isn't just another metronome app; it's a rhythmic powerhouse. Here's what makes it a standout:

Endorsed by the Best: Approved and used by Mike Mangini of Dream Theater, a renowned drummer, Tempo Advance has proven its mettle in the professional music arena.

Polyrhythm Mode: This unique feature allows concurrent playback of two meters with varying beats per measure, all synced perfectly. Explore combinations of up to 20 beats per measure and discover new rhythmic patterns.

Hyper-Accurate Audio Engine: Borrowing the precision from its bestselling predecessor, Tempo, Tempo Advance ensures impeccable timing for every beat.

Visual Cues: The user interface has been meticulously designed to emphasize metronome visual cues, aiding in better rhythm comprehension.

Complex Programming: With features like auto setlist advancement, accelerando, ritardando, and playback tracking, programming complex songs with varying tempos and time signatures becomes a breeze.

Integration with STOMP Bluetooth Pedal

Tempo Advance's capabilities are further amplified when paired with the STOMP Bluetooth pedal. This combination allows musicians to control the metronome hands-free, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted practice sessions. Whether you're adjusting tempos, starting, or stopping the metronome, the STOMP pedal offers seamless control, making it an essential tool for every musician.


Tempo Advance is more than just a metronome; it's a tool designed to redefine rhythmic precision. Its array of features, combined with its compatibility with the STOMP Bluetooth pedal, makes it an indispensable asset for musicians. Dive into a world of rhythm like never before with Tempo Advance.

Platform: iOS

Cost: Paid

Website: Frozen Ape - Tempo Advance

Contact Support: No specific support link provided. It's recommended to contact the developer via the App Store.

MIDI Capable: No information available

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