Video Scores

Video Scores: A Seamless Fusion of Music and Visuals

In the realm of digital music, the ability to combine musical scores with synchronized videos offers a transformative experience for musicians and learners. Video Scores stands out as a pioneering app in this space, providing an immersive platform for users to engage with music in a visually enriched environment.

Why Video Scores is a Game-Changer for Musicians

Video Scores is not just another music app; it's a unique platform that bridges the gap between audio and visual, offering a plethora of features:

Interactive Music Videos: Dive deep into the world of music with videos that are perfectly synchronized with the scores. This allows for a comprehensive understanding of the piece, aiding in practice and performance.

For All Levels: Whether you're a beginner trying to grasp the basics or a seasoned musician aiming for perfection, Video Scores caters to all levels, ensuring everyone can benefit from its features.

Expansive Library: With a vast collection of pieces spanning various genres and difficulty levels, users are spoilt for choice. From classical to contemporary, there's something for everyone.

Customizable Playback: Adjust the playback speed to suit your learning pace. Slow it down to understand intricate sections or speed it up for a challenge.

Annotations and Notes: Personalize your learning experience by adding annotations and notes directly on the scores. Highlight sections, jot down insights, and make the piece truly yours.

Integration with STOMP Bluetooth Pedal

Amplify your Video Scores experience with the STOMP Bluetooth pedal. Navigate through scores, play, pause, and control the app without ever touching your device. This hands-free experience ensures uninterrupted practice sessions, making it an invaluable tool for musicians.


Video Scores is revolutionizing the way musicians interact with scores. By merging music with synchronized videos, it offers an enriched learning and practice platform. The integration with the STOMP Bluetooth pedal further enhances the user experience, making it a must-have app for every musician.

Platform: iOS

Cost: Free with in-app purchases for additional features

Download: iOS App Store