Best Chord Chart & Sheet Music Apps For Windows

The 8 best sheet music, chord chart, and tablature apps for Microsoft Windows

There is a metric ton (approximately) of chord chart and sheet music apps available for Windows. They run the gamut of price, features, convenience, and applicability to your specific needs.

Sorting through these apps can be an ominous and time consuming task. So to help you find the best option for you, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite apps to give you the skinny on each one.

And all of them work beautifully with a Bluetooth page turner and app controller. Like STOMP.

So in no particular order...


MobileSheets app

Mobile Sheets gives you fast access to any of your charts. It has expanded filtering capabilities for storing your sets. Easily drag and drop charts into a set.

The 20 available fields to tag your songs makes finding any of them easy. Oh, and it’s voice command capable.

If you’re like me and like the control of a computer, it has a companion app for storing and editing. It has additional features like a metronome, MIDI support, and backing track playback. It’s a little pricey, but the 14 day free trial makes it easy to check out.

Price: $12.99

14 Day Free Trial.

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iWinScore4u for Musicians

iWinScore4u for Musicians app

Import all of your charts into this easy to use app. It has a variety of viewing options (half, single, and two pages) to accommodate any device. All songs are stored with tags, including keys. This is especially useful if you play on Sunday morning.

You can load mp3, wav, or flac files to a song to practice. Or just use the built in metronome.

It’s not quite as expansive as some of the others on the list, but it is free and a good place to start.


Price: Free + in-app purchases.

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MusicReader PDF 4.0

MusicReader PDF 4.0 app

If you’re a note taker you’ll appreciate the annotation flexibility of the MusicReader app. Markup your charts and sheet music with a stylus or your finger. Digital sheet music can be converted to MusicReader, and you can scan and digitize paper sheet music.

And of course it has recording and playback capabilities, an easy to use interface, and a half page view if you need the music a little bigger.

Price: $34

Free trial with all paid features. The catch is you can only use it 60 times during the trial.

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Power Music Professional

Power Music Professional app

Power Music Pro is....powerful. You’re able to edit chord charts in the app, in addition to all of the annotation capabilities you’d expect. Guitar players will appreciate the capo chord feature for alternate versions of the charts, and the built in guitar tuner.

Import songs into the app to accompany your sheet music or charts, create and share playlists, add performance notes, and easily search for your songs and setlists. You can import or scan your sheet music and charts, and also download music from their store. 

Price: $60

No trial for the Professional app. Power Music Essential, the free version, can be used to get the general idea. 

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SongBook ChordPro

SongBook ChordPro app

Songbook Chordpro is based on the ChordPro format guitarists have been using for years. It has an extensive library of chord charts for many stringed instruments. So you’ll never get stuck on a chord again.

That doesn’t mean this is made just for guitarists though. Anyone who uses chord charts instead of sheet music will appreciate this app. You have the ability to change keys on the fly (temporarily or permanently), create set lists, and even sync it to Dropbox.

One cool feature to check out is the auto scroll. The free 30 day trial makes this a no-risk app to check out.

Price: $30

Free 30 day trial

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Song Repertoire

song repertoire app

Song Repertoire is also a ChordPro compatible app, giving you flexibility to transpose songs on the fly.  You’re able to edit the chord charts in the app, in addition to loading/importing charts. You can even take a picture of the chart with your tablet and use it in the app.

The app is stylus capable so you can mark up your charts at rehearsals and practices, in addition to creating tabs and charts. Add audio files to songs or record your own. Once a set list is created you can export it and share it with the rest of your band, if they’re using the app.

Price: $14

Free full functionality trial, limited to 5 songs.

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Music Notes

Music Notes app

Music Notes is unique in that you’re able to import guitar tabs you may have purchased, in addition to importing any PDF charts and sheet music you have.

The audio playbook can be linked to purchased charts, with the notes being lit up along with the song (in real time).

The app includes a built in audio and visual metronome, an extensive library of songs and arrangements to download, and stylus compatibility to mark up charts. 

Price: Free plus in-app purchases

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GuitarTab app

GuitarTabs is also a GuitarPro enabled app, and is specifically designed for guitarists (clearly...). Any GuitarPro tab can be played directly from the app for practicing. Find just about any song you need with a database of 800k tabs and chord charts.

The app features an adjustable auto-scroll, includes chord charts and diagrams, is connected to YouTube, and has several different view settings.

Price: Free plus in-app purchases

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