The Best Teleprompter Apps for iOS and Android

Awesome teleprompter apps for Android and iOS devices

Best Teleprompter Apps for iOS and Android

Anytime you’re looking for a new app it can be a daunting task. How do you know what app is good? And worth your time?  

Teleprompter apps all have a basic responsibility: take your script and scroll at an appropriate setting. And these all do that. But are there other options that make one better than the others? Or better yet, make them the best option for your application? 

We’ve consolidated a list of our favorites here. These are all compatible with STOMP for remote starting and stopping. 

If you’re not sure how to use a teleprompter with your device, or aren’t sure if it’s worth it, check out this short article on everything you need to know about teleprompters. 


Teleprompter Premium 

 Teleprompter Premium app Best Teleprompter Apps for iOS and Android

Free + In App Purchases 


Teleprompter Premium is a free app that’s as simple as it gets to use. And since it’s compatible with both iOS and Android it will work with virtually any device. 

The app is of course compatible with your existing beam splitting rig. But it’s also great for speeches (no more losing your spot!), radio, and podcast work. 

Possibly the coolest part of Teleprompter Premium is your ability to use your device's camera with the app. If you’re on the go, or don’t have a full video setup, you can record yourself with your device from the app itself. 

 Best Teleprompter Apps for iOS and Android


Teleprompt+ Best Teleprompter Apps for iOS and Android

iOS, Mac 


Teleprompt+ has been used by professionals since 2010. Everyone from professional YouTubers, to production studios auditioning talent, to politicians reading speeches, to preachers giving sermons on Sunday morning.  

You’re able to import your own files (PDF, Word Docs, etc) into the app, or create your script directly in the app. You can edit scripts inside the app itself, to fluff it or get rid of any grammatical errors.  

Teleprompt+ is even optimized for bands to use via Setlists. You essentially create a hyperlinked set list in the app. When you click on a song it shows the lyrics one section at a time.  


iCue app Best Teleprompter Apps for iOS and Android



Control just about any aspect of the teleprompter itself with iCue. Font size, scroll speed, text and background color, indents, line spacing, and text style.  

iCue has expansive file sharing capabilities to get media from one device to another. It’s interfaced with Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, iOS Remote Sharing, and standard web browser access.  

Just like other apps on this list, you’re able to record yourself with your device while the teleprompter is active. It’s compatible with Bluetooth App Controllers like STOMP so you can start and stop without changing positions.   


 iAutocue Best Teleprompter Apps for iOS and Android



Like every app on this list, iAutocue is compatible with STOMP to control remotely. You’ll also be able to share files via Dropbox, Google Drive, and Airdrop. It accepts Rich Text and Plain Text formats, so no PDF imports here.  

The user interface is pretty slick and intuitive, as you imagine a text based interface should be. Easily control the scroll speed and text size.  

I’m not sure how useful this would ever be, but it’s compatible with the Apple Watch too.  


 Prompterpal app Best Teleprompter Apps for iOS and Android



If you need a tool that you can use with your iPad, iPhone, AND iWatch Apple Watch then you might enjoy Prompterpal. The user interface is basic but easy to use. And you get all of the controls you need, including mirroring to use with a teleprompter accessory.  

Prompterpal also makes PromterRemote which is...wait for it...a remote to control your prompter with your smartphone.  

A Prompter For Android 

 A Prompter For Android Best Teleprompter Apps for iOS and Android



We haven’t forgotten about you, Android user! Not only is this a good teleprompter app, but it’s free. Free with in app purchases anyway (tools like remote controlling, recording with your device’s camera). You can use this with your smartphone, but it’s optimized for tablets. 

It’s easy to use, accepts plain text files, and you can create/edit scripts inside the app.  

Cue Prompter 

 Cue Prompter Best Teleprompter Apps for iOS and Android


Cue Prompter is essentially a website that acts as a teleprompter. You paste your script into a text box, update a couple settings, and press go.  

It’s easy, no frills, but effective. 


So whether you’re a news anchor broadcasting from home, a YouTuber with a big following, or are just stepping into the world of video content, you have access to the perfect teleprompting app. If you want to know more about how to use a teleprompter, and uses of a teleprompter you might not have considered, check out this article.  

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