9V Regulated Power Supply


If you're looking for a high quality 9 volt power supply that doesn't hog space on your power strip or pedal board, our 9V regulated power adapter is your ideal solution. Not to be confused with cheap, bulky, and often times - noisy wall warts; our power adapter has magnetic ring isolation to reduce noise and hum while being powerful enough to handle multiple pedals at once. 1700mA makes it more powerful than anything else on the market, and just because we like you, we've included a velcro wrap to keep you organized! The 9V regulated power adapter powers our STOMP Bluetooth® Page Turner, or using one of our optional daisy chain additions you can power 5 or even 10 effects pedals with ease, depending on individual voltage requirements. It is 9V center-negative power input which is the industry standard but it's always best to check your pedals first. LED indicator and overload protection Reusable velcro cable wrap for organization Noise and hum-reduction with magnetic ring solution.


  • 9V DC, 1700 mA regulated output 
  • Center-negative 
  • World voltage input: 100-240V AC, 60 Hz
  • 6.5' (2 m) 22 AWG cable 
  • Right-angle 
  • 5.5 mm O.D, 2.1 mm I.D., 9.5 mm L barrel connector

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maurizio d.
United States


A real pleasure, fast shipment and quality product. My small clone pedal is finally quiet as a mouse. Thank you

Keith Q.
United States United States

Stomp Power Supply

Having a power supply to charge my ipad whenever it is running low is comforting, but given the 60-cycle hum , I probably won’t use it for performances unless I am precariously low on charge. Running the Stomp off an isolated power supply is far quieter, but won’t support the USB charge. I do still use it for personal rehearsal. I just find it the bump in 60-cycle noise when I hit the iPad home button a bit irritating. But it more offsets the inconvenience of waiting for my iPad to charge before rehearsing.

Robert W.
United States United States

Power supply awesome! Why? Read on...

First and foremost your Bluetooth pedal is head and shoulders above any perceived competition. It’s thick metal housing is built for abuse and silent switches are easy to navigate without looking at them and don’t make any loud clicks when using in a quiet environment. So now I bought the ac adapter and pigtails, principally so I can charge my iPad and power a few other pedals without a rats nest of cables. It what really makes this specific a/c adapter so awesome? CODA’s name is clearly marked on the adapter. Most a/c adapters are simply repackaged from a no name oversees company- and unless one otherwise adds a label or differentiating mark to the adapter, heaven forbid it ever disconnects from the device to be powered-because you will never know which device the a/c adapter corresponds with. Given many other ac adapters don’t even clearly mark power requirements, you will be sol, or risk breaking the powered device. Yes I know that i could identify volts/milliamps with a multimeter but I’m no a nerd so I don't have one. Again thanks for providing top tier gear and focusing on such small details that make a huge difference. I can’t wait for you to release a four button pedal!

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