Kickstarter Launch


STOMP is launching on Kickstarter!

That's right, I'll be launching the Kickstarter for STOMP on September 30th. This will be your chance to help bring STOMP to life, and to your door. Pretty exciting, right? Check out my campaign announcement video here.

You'll have access to awesome rewards packages, cool swag, and of course, STOMP. Can you do me a huge solid and help spread the word?

Here are a few easy ways you can help STOMP come to life:

  • Share this video with your friends and bandmates
  • Add the September 30th launch to your calendar.
  • If you're in the Seattle area join us at Decibel Brewing for the launch party and drinks on us at 7pm.


P.S. Are you a part of a musician's network that will benefit from STOMP? Share this video on your social media pages and help others benefit from STOMP. 




kickstarter launch party promo flyer for coda stomp