STOMP Bluetooth® 4.0 Page Turner Pedal & App Controller for Tablets

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The Coda STOMP Bluetooth page turner is by far the most robust and reliable pedal on the market. 

Whether you use charts, lyric sheets, digital set lists, backing tracks, or metronomes, let the STOMP Bluetooth pedal simplify your performance.

With just a tap of your foot:

  • Turn or scroll through the pages on your setlist or sheet music.
  • Start and stop your metronome.
  • Trigger backing tracks.
  • Change slides in powerpoint or presentation software.
  • And a bunch more.

The Hands-Free Solution for Sheet Music & Chord Charts

As a gigging musician your hands should be focused on playing music. Not turning pages. While smartphones and tablets have made it easier to carry your charts and lyrics, you're still have to take your hands off of your instrument to change pages.

Well, you used to.

Introducing STOMP.

STOMP is a Bluetooth page turner and app controller for your iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, or Windows Bluetooth 4.0 device, that enables you to control any app with the just the tap of your foot.

    If you use an app or software that accepts keyboard commands, STOMP lets you keep your hands on your instrument, giving you a flawless performance.

    What Sets STOMP Apart from Any Other Music Page Turner or Bluetooth Pedal?

    STOMP is the most rugged, durable, and reliable app controller on the market, making it the obvious choice for professionals and hobbyists alike. Unlike all of the other page turners made of cheap plastic, STOMP is 100% made in America and housed in a solid metal enclosure. It’s rugged enough to be run over by a truck, so it will handle any gig, night after night. Just throw it in your bag or attach it to your pedalboard and go off to the next gig.

    STOMP is powered by a standard long-lasting 9v battery or 9VDC power. It features 4 different modes that work seamlessly with the top apps on the market. Repeat mode to scroll quickly through your set list or a long song. You can activate your device's virtual keyboard to take notes by pressing both switches simultaneously. And maybe best of all - when connected to 9VDC power STOMP will charge your smartphone or tablet, so you'll never have to worry about running out of juice while you’re performing again.

    Whether you’re a solo artist playing coffee shops, weddings, or performing at home, or you’re in a band, orchestra, cover band, church worship team, or are a studio session player, STOMP will improve your performance and creativity by letting you keep your hands on your instrument.

    STOMP, the professional gigging musicians choice for page turning and seamless app control.

    Don’t turn it, STOMP it!

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      • Solid metal enclosure built for the road
      • Left/Right foot switches turn pages left or right, or scroll up and down seamlessly
      • 50+ foot range and can be configured within select apps to control multiple devices at once and turn the whole band's page together!
      • 150 hours on a single charge using a 9v battery or power using 9v DC power supply
      • 100% Made In America 

      Technical Specifications:

      • 9VDC 1500mA (100mA when not utilizing USB tablet charging feature)
      • Power supply not included
      • Bluetooth® 4.0
      • 4.7 x 3.7 x 1.4 inches
      • 19 ounces


        • Will STOMP work with my device?
          Chances are, yes!. STOMP syncs with any Bluetooth equipped tablet, computer or smartphone, using Bluetooth 4 or newer. Basically if your device was purchased after 2012 you should be totally fine. If you’re unsure, try connecting a Bluetooth keyboard to your device…if that works, then so will your pedal.

        • Here is a list of the most common compatible tablets for STOMP:
          iPad 3 and newer
          Galaxy 4 and newer
          Surface 3 and newer
          **Android 4 operating system currently does not support the Bluetooth HID commands needed for STOMP compatibility.
          • What Apps does STOMP work with?
            STOMP works with hundreds of different apps across, iOS, Android, MAC, and PC. We have a recommended list of apps here. If your app is not mentioned please try connecting a Bluetooth keyboard to your tablet or computer and utilize the left/right arrows, up/down arrows, page up/down, space/enter…if any of these work then so will your pedal.

            • Does STOMP include batteries or a power adapter?
              No. STOMP does not come with a battery but any 9-volt alkaline battery will work great. You can also use a regulated power adapter. We did not include this because many musicians already own these and we would rather keep your costs down if this is the case.

              • What power adapter should I use with STOMP?
                STOMP will work with any 9VDC 1500mA regulated power adapter, and we make a great one, available here.

              • How do I know how much battery life is left?
                When the charge is above 25% STOMP will maintain a solid blue LED, when it reaches 25% or less it will change to red. Simple as that!

              • What is the warranty?
                Coda Music Technologies offers a 1 year, hassle-free warranty on all products purchased from an authorized dealer. Warranty returns/repairs are very rare but when they do happen we make things very simple: fill out a warranty contact form here with the order# from your purchase and a brief description of what's wrong.



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              Abram P.

              Best pedal available on the market

              My first impression is it’s solid as a tank, this is also the first pedal I found that works with keynote, I have used it now with keynote, OnSong, Iklip stage and it works flawlessly. I am all around very happy with the product.

              Ariel Z.
              United States

              Worked flawlessly right out of the box

              STOMP connected seemlessly with, Music Stand, OnSong, and Forscore. Couldn’t be happier with the purchase!

              Steve M.
              United States

              Well built piece of gear!

              This is the most well built stomp box page turner on the market. This works with the apps I use. As a musician, keeping my hands on my instrument is a must. Also since I’m on the road, having my gear well built is also a must. This STOMP page turner is roadworthy as well as functional. If you are using tablet devices for music charts, this IS YOUR PAGE TURNER!!!

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