Calypso Score

Calypso Score is a highly capable music score reader app for Apple iPads, with some valuable features that are not found in any of its competitors. Like other score reader apps, Calypso allows you to import and index a PDF fakebook. However, the app also allows you to easily build your own songbooks by combining pages from imported fakebooks with individual PDF files. Both modes – Fakebook mode and Songbook mode – support use of our Stomp Bluetooth page turner pedal.

In Fakebook mode, Calypso provides pre-built indexes for many popular Jazz and Pop/Rock fakebooks. (Currently, around 70 fakebook indexes are available, plus 100+ indexes for the Aebersold play-along series.) To use one of these indexes, simply import a PDF copy of a fakebook and assign the associated index to it. All songs in indexed PDFs can then be quickly searched and browsed.

In Songbook mode, you can easily create your very own song collections. That’s very handy when you need to create collections for different bands and projects. In addition, you don’t need to store an entire PDF file when you only need a few of its songs. You select the pages you need and Calypso will copy them to the edited song. Once you have the pages you need, you can delete the original PDF to save storage space and clutter on your iPad.

In both Fakebook mode and Songbook mode our pedal is used as a page turner for any selected song. In Songbook mode our pedal enhances another unique feature of Calypso: its auto-layout capability for songs with several pages. With auto-layout set up for a song, Calypso will automatically turn pages as needed, even responding to tempo changes and jumps between sections (codas, segnos, repeats, etc.). While this means that our pedal is not necessary for page turns when auto-layout is turned on, the pedal can be used to accelerate or decelerate the performance tempo.

Calypso provides a host of other unique features. For example: synchronizing your music score to an audio recording; an extensive annotation palette including musical symbols; flexible options for sharing songbooks, setlists, and individual scores with your bandmates; and a built-in browser that enables direct import of files from websites. If you’re looking for an app with great support for the Stomp pedal and an abundance of score reading features, you can’t go wrong with Calypso Score.



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Cost: Paid

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