DrumSetList Manager

DrumSetlist Manager is an advanced setlist manager for musicians who have to play many songs in a row and possibly also in several bands / ensembles. The main advantage is the storage of song presets which then can be added in chains to provide a setlist for live concerts. The built-in metronome function enables the musician to get the right timing for each new song in the setlist in audio and through walking LED's visually. !!! There is a LITE version restricted to 10 Presets to test the app before buying, so check it out if it suites your needs !!! Features: - Landscape play screen with big buttons and letters for live playing. - Preset import from iTunes playlists with automatic chain generation. - Application preferences for customizing the user experience - Built in help system - Midi Support


Platform: iOS

Cost: Paid, Free

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MIDI Capable: Yes