EBookDroid: Your Ultimate Android eBook Reader

EBookDroid is a versatile and feature-rich eBook reader app designed to provide an exceptional reading experience for Android users. Whether you're an avid reader, a student, or someone who enjoys digital books, EBookDroid offers a comprehensive platform for accessing and enjoying your favorite eBooks in various formats.

Why EBookDroid is the Ultimate eBook Reader

Explore the exceptional features and benefits that make EBookDroid an essential app for bookworms and digital book enthusiasts:

Format Compatibility: EBookDroid supports a wide range of eBook formats, ensuring compatibility with your digital book collection. Whether it's PDF, DjVu, XPS, or other formats, you can read them all in one app.

Customizable Reading Experience: Tailor your reading experience with adjustable font sizes, background colors, and viewing modes. EBookDroid provides flexibility to make reading comfortable and enjoyable.

Annotations and Bookmarks: Highlight text, add annotations, and create bookmarks within your eBooks. Keep track of important sections and easily revisit your notes when needed.

Multi-Language Support: EBookDroid offers multi-language support, making it accessible to users around the world. Read books in your preferred language with ease.

Intuitive Navigation: Navigate through eBooks effortlessly with user-friendly page-turning gestures and a well-organized library. Find, open, and manage your eBooks seamlessly.

Cloud Storage Integration: Connect EBookDroid to your cloud storage accounts to access your eBooks from anywhere. Sync your library across devices for convenience.


EBookDroid is your ultimate eBook reader for Android, offering a feature-rich and user-friendly platform for enjoying digital books. Say goodbye to carrying physical books and embrace the convenience of having your entire library on your Android device. Join the EBookDroid community and immerse yourself in the world of digital reading.

Platform: Available for Android

Website: EBookDroid on Google Play