GuitarTapp Pro

GuitarTapp PRO: Your Mobile Companion for Guitar Tabs and Chords

GuitarTapp PRO is a versatile mobile app designed to assist guitarists in learning, practicing, and performing their favorite songs. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, this app provides a wealth of guitar tabs and chords to enhance your musical journey.

Why GuitarTapp PRO is the Ultimate Guitar Tabs App

Discover the exceptional features and benefits that make GuitarTapp PRO a must-have for guitar enthusiasts:

Extensive Guitar Tabs Collection: Access a vast library of guitar tabs and chords for a wide range of songs. Explore classics, modern hits, and everything in between.

Interactive Tabs: View and play along with interactive guitar tabs. Follow the finger placements and strumming patterns to learn songs accurately.

Chord Recognition: Identify chords within songs and view chord diagrams. Perfect for players looking to master chord progressions.

Customizable Playback: Adjust the playback speed to practice at your own pace. Slow down complex sections and gradually increase speed as you improve.

Favorites and Setlists: Create lists of your favorite songs and organize them into setlists for easy access during practice and performances.

Integration with STOMP Bluetooth Pedal: Elevate your practice and performance experience with the STOMP Bluetooth pedal integration. Use it to control playback and navigate songs hands-free.


GuitarTapp PRO is your go-to mobile companion for guitar tabs and chords. Whether you're practicing in your room, jamming with friends, or performing on stage, this app provides the tools you need to excel. Join the GuitarTapp PRO community and take your guitar skills to the next level.

Platform: Available for Android

Cost: GuitarTapp PRO offers a free version with limited features and a paid version for access to the full tab library and features.

Website: GuitarTapp PRO Official Blog

MIDI Capable: Yes, GuitarTapp PRO is MIDI capable, allowing seamless integration with MIDI devices for precise control during performances and practice.