Hymnals: Your Comprehensive Hymn and Worship Companion

Hymnals is a versatile app that caters to the spiritual needs of congregations, choirs, and individuals who seek an extensive collection of hymns and worship resources. Whether you're a churchgoer, choir director, or worship leader, Hymnals offers a rich library of hymns and tools to enhance your worship experience.

Why Hymnals is the Ultimate Worship App

Discover the remarkable features and benefits that make Hymnals a valuable addition to your worship and musical journey:

Extensive Hymn Collection: Access a vast library of hymns from various denominations and eras. From traditional classics to contemporary worship songs, Hymnals has it all.

Sheet Music and Lyrics: View sheet music notation and lyrics for each hymn. Follow along during congregational singing or choir performances with ease.

Customizable Setlists: Create and organize hymn playlists for your worship services or choir rehearsals. Customize the order of hymns to suit your program.

Search and Navigation: Easily find hymns by title, author, or hymn number. Quickly navigate through the hymnals for seamless worship planning.

Annotations and Notes: Add your own annotations, notes, and comments to hymns. Personalize your worship materials for teaching and reflection.

Integration with STOMP Bluetooth Pedal: Enhance your worship experience with the STOMP Bluetooth pedal integration. Control page turns and navigate hymns hands-free during services and performances.


Hymnals is your comprehensive worship companion, offering a wide range of hymns and worship resources. Whether you're leading a congregation in song, directing a choir, or seeking inspiration for personal worship, this app provides the tools you need for a meaningful and harmonious worship experience. Join the Hymnals community and elevate your worship services.

Platform: Available for iOS

Cost: Hymnals offers a free version with limited hymn access. Unlock the full hymn library with in-app purchases.

Website: Hymnals on the App Store