iAutocue: Your Ultimate Teleprompter App for Seamless Presentations

iAutocue is a versatile teleprompter app designed to make your presentations, speeches, and video recordings a breeze. Whether you're a professional presenter, content creator, or public speaker, iAutocue offers powerful features to help you deliver your content confidently and flawlessly.

Why iAutocue is the Ultimate Teleprompter App

Explore the exceptional features and benefits that set iAutocue apart:

Script Import: Easily import your scripts from various formats, ensuring a smooth transition to teleprompting your content.

Customizable Speed and Font: Adjust the scrolling speed and font size to match your reading pace and preferences. Keep your delivery natural and engaging.

Remote Control: Control your teleprompter remotely using another device or the STOMP Bluetooth pedal, allowing you to focus on your performance without interruptions.

Mirror Mode: Enable the mirror mode to reflect the text correctly on a teleprompter screen, ensuring you maintain eye contact with your audience or camera.

Auto Scroll: Enable the auto-scroll feature for hands-free operation. Concentrate on delivering your content while iAutocue scrolls your script automatically.

Script Management: Organize and access your scripts efficiently. Create folders and categories to keep your content well-organized.

Integration with STOMP Bluetooth Pedal: Enhance your teleprompting experience with seamless integration of iAutocue and the STOMP Bluetooth pedal. Control scrolling and text pace effortlessly during presentations.


iAutocue is your go-to teleprompter app for seamless presentations and video recordings. Whether you're addressing a live audience or creating content for online platforms, this app offers the tools and flexibility you need for a polished performance. Join the iAutocue community and take your presentations to the next level.

Platform: Available for iOS

Cost: iAutocue offers a free version with limited features. Unlock the full potential with in-app purchases.

Website: iAutocue Official Site

MIDI Capable: Yes, iAutocue is MIDI capable, offering seamless integration with MIDI devices for precise control of your teleprompter.