OnSong is a digital application that allows you to replace paper-based chord, lyric, and sheet music charts with an interactive digital database. OnSong cleans up the messiness that papers and binders cause and instead provides a way to neatly store, edit, and organize all of your music charts from the convenience of your own Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod.

OnSong allows you to create new songs in the app using the Song Editor tool, or import new songs into the app through OnSong’s compatibility with Dropbox, Google Drive, SongSelect, internet sites like Ultimate Guitar, and a number of other services. Quickly transpose song keys on the fly with the tap of a button, or make the chords and lyrics of a song larger or smaller with the swipe of a finger. Share setlists and songs with others through wirelessly beaming them, emailing them, or even printing them. Utilize digital sticky notes and other annotations for reminders and highlighters that can be added directly to any song. Connect a wireless Bluetooth foot pedal to OnSong to make scrolling, navigating, and performing other actions within a song completely hands-free. Additionally, OnSong also includes such features as backing and click tracks, MIDI integration, and lyrics projection- just to name a few!
In short, OnSong is designed to simplify and enhance the management of your chord charts and onstage performance. With OnSong, you can eliminate the costs, time, stress, and materials associated with manual paper management and stage performance management so that you can focus more on what matters most- your music. 


Platform: iOS

Cost: Paid

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MIDI Capable: Yes