Virtual Sheet Music

The Virtual Sheet Music application has been specifically designed for

iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and allows to enjoy the Virtual Sheet
Music catalog on the go. It allows easy access to the high-quality
Virtual Sheet Music© digital sheet music catalog. Besides digital
sheet music in PDF file format, it includes thousands of Mp3 audio
files for any item in the catalog.
Some key features of the Virtual Sheet Music® application are:

1. Over 50 high-quality free sheet music items included for off-line enjoyment.

2. Complete Virtual Sheet Music© catalog of high-quality digital sheet
music to download, including PDF and Mp3 files.

3. Ability to search the catalog by keyword.

4. Display detailed information about any music item and listen to Mp3
files (over 8,000 records).

5. Turn pages of downloaded PDF files with just one touch - great for
live performances.

6. Click the envelope button to receive email reminders detailing
information about items, as well as the first page attached PDF file
and detailed, step by step instructions to download your music.

7. Members can access their music through the login feature.


Platform: iOS

Cost: Free

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