5 Items You Need for an Epic Band Practice

At the time of writing this I’m less than 48 hours away from our big launch on Kickstarter and it’s got me thinking. Launching a Kickstarter is like showing up to band practice. You gotta be on time with the right gear.

Otherwise things don’t go as planned. Picture that one time you forgot something important for band practice.

You get to rehearsal, unload your gear, and have a moment of panic…

It could be anything:

It’s no fun sitting when everyone else is rocking out…

(Not that I'd know anything about that)

You know the frustration of missing that key item. Or maybe you've seen a bandmate go through the struggle. For both of these reasons, I always make a list (and check it twice!).

Every musician will have a different list based off their needs. But these are a few we can probably all agree on. In the spirit of preparing to perform, here’s a free checklist you can print off for your next band practice.

It’s got 5 of the most important pieces of gear I think all musicians should bring to rehearsal (regardless of style or instrument):

5 Items You Need for an Epic Band Practice

What are the items on your rehearsal checklist? Was there something I left out?

Post on our Facebook page using #codamusictech and let me know!