The Best Metronome Apps for iOS and Android

One of the most powerful ways to utilize STOMP is with the vast array of Bluetooth-enabled metronome apps on the market. From starting and ending playback to navigating preprogrammed setlists and accessing tap tempo, musicians have instant access with the tap of a toe. We even have our own article on how touring Pink Floyd tribute band, Pink Droyd use STOMP to manage their whole performance.

Always on the hunt for ways to help you get the most from your performances, we picked 10 of our favorite metronome apps for you to check out. While they’re not all Bluetooth-enabled, each of these time-keeping platforms is loaded with features and boast workflows perfect for many musical applications.

Our Favorite Metronome Apps for iOS and Android


Price: Free
Platform: iOS and Android

No doubt a favorite metronome app here at Coda, Soundbrenner is taking the industry by storm with their sleek looking, feature-rich, and intuitive design. Not only will you find easily navigable control of tempo and time signatures, but you can save songs and playlists with ease. Add in its streamlined Bluetooth control, and keeping your band in time has never been easier. And don’t forget the optional Soundbrenner Pulse wristband and harness for feeling every beat. Best of all, the app is completely free.

  • Adjust BPM, Time Signatures
  • Subdivisions
  • Rhythm & Setlist Library
  • Ableton Link Enabled
  • Diverse Light Settings
  • Customized Vibrations
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Enable Camera LED/Screen Flash
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Multiplayer Synchronisation
  • iOS & Android Compatible

soundbrenner ios app


Price: $8.99
Platform: iOS

For musicians who want to get the most from their practice time, we recommend PolyNome. This iOS-based metronome app is loaded with tools such as programmable grooves, the ability to create practice routines, a progress tracker, online access to shared grooves and setlists, and much more. And - along with its Bluetooth connectivity for use with STOMP - PolyNome also has the ability to create and save setlists, making it a go-to in band situations as well. 

  • Share your presets and playlists
  • Daily Journal to make notes on your progress
  • Setlist creator
  • Allows for complex grooves
  • Create and execute your own practice routines
  • Track your practice goals and progress
  • Bluetooth, STOMP compatible
  • Available for iOS


Metronome Plus

Price: Free (in-app purchases available)
Platform: iOS

Metronome Plus takes the gold for simple interfaces. This free app (full-version upgrade available for purchase) maintains its attractive and straightforward workflow by limiting its features to the most essential for practice and performance. You’ll find customizable tempos and grooves, 16 different voice options, and a setlist manager, as well as multiple themes to customize the look to your liking. If you want a no-frills metronome that still checks all of the boxes, the iOS-based Metronome Plus is a great option. 

  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Training, practice, and recording modes
  • Fully customizable rhythms and tempos
  • Simple setlist management
  • Multiple app themes and backgrounds
  • 16 voice options
  • Bluetooth, STOMP compatible
  • Full-version upgrade available
  • iOS  

Time Guru

Price: $1.99
Platform: iOS and Android

Developed by renown guitarist, Avi Bortnick, Time Guru is a rhythmic powerhouse aimed at pushing your playing to the next level. While the app isn’t packed with extras, it is insanely accurate and has a unique trick up its sleeve. Time Guru can be set to randomly mute itself, forcing you to maintain your own time until it kicks back in. Not for the faint of heart, it is truly a metronome that takes your rhythmic sensibilities to the next level. 

  • Randomized muting
  • Multiple time signatures or combinations of time signatures
  • Human voice count in English or Chinese
  • 18 metronome voices
  • Tap tempo
  • Customized audio engine delivers accurate timing
  • iOS & Android

Dr.Betotte TC

Price: $9.99
Platform: iOS

If the number of options was the goal, the Dr. Betotte TC metronome app would be the winner. Onboard, you’ll find many of the same programming and timekeeping tools that have made the desktop version a long-time favorite. From controlling each beat’s volume and adjusting the ‘feel’ of each groove to crafting complex polyrhythms and its ability to sync multiple devices, there’s not much this app can’t do. Dr. Betotte TC is definitely a good way to go if you want complete control of your practice time. 

  • 6 independent note divisions.
  • Assignable values for each division
  • Volume and mute for each division
  • Assign preset or your own sounds or your own sounds for each division
  • Multi beat mode
  • Playback velocity for each selected beat can be adjusted
  • Gradual up/down and quiet counts
  • Pendulum and flashing screen animations
  • Tap tempo
  • Adjustable swing feel functions
  • Tuning tone generator
  • Sync across multiple devices via iCloud
  • Apple Watch Capable
  • iOS

dr betnotte metronome

Tempo Advance

Price: $3.99
Platform: iOS

When Dream Theater drummer, Mike Mangini endorses a metronome app, you know it’s going to be good. And Tempo Advance lives up to the hype. This timekeeper boasts a bevy of features that were specifically requested by Mangini, such as tempo automation, Bluetooth support, and customizable sounds and themes. But it’s Tempo Advance’s deep polyrhythm capabilities that set it apart from the other apps on the market. So if you’re on the hunt for a prog-metal approved metronome app that’s as advanced as Mangini himself, go for Tempo Advance. 

  • Designed in collaboration with Mike Mangini
  • Polyrhythms with up to 20 beats per channel
  • Tempo automation
  • Multiple display modes
  • Customizable themes
  • Multiple sound options with vibrate
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • iOS

 tempo metronome app for ios

Tempo - Metronome with Setlist

Price: Free-$2.99
Platform: iOS

Made by the same rockstar team that brought you Tempo Advance, Tempo sets itself apart with its incredible array of setlist options and a free Lite version. We recommend springing for the extra feature set with an upgrade. Not only will you get Basic, Preset, Setlist, Practice, and Gig modes that optimize the display for any scenario, but you’ll save your presets, setlists, and share them via email. With customizable themes and Bluetooth control, Tempo is an excellent option for those of us who want things tailored to our exact needs.

  • Dedicated interfaces
  • Bluetooth control
  • Create and share setlists
  • Track practices by time or number of bars
  • Fullscreen modes
  • Custom Themes
  • Free Lite version available
  • Handsfree and wireless operation

Smart Metronome

Price: Free
Platform: Android

With Smart Metronome, simplicity is the name of the game. And for many of us, that’s exactly how we like it. Onboard this attractive-looking app, you’ll find the ability to program full songs, including tempos, time signatures (with changes), beats, and bars. It also boasts Dropbox integration - along with Bluetooth - for saving and sharing your presets. 

  • Normal, repeat, and program modes
  • Analog metronome visualizer
  • Bluetooth wireless control
  • Apple Watch integration
  • Dropbox integration
  • Simple, streamlined workflow
  • Android


Price: Free
Platform: iOS

Pulse is an extremely popular option today. Download the free version, and you’ll have access to amazingly precise tempo control, presets, customizable themes, and tap tempo. Like many apps on the list, you can also upgrade Pulse to open an even wider variety of options. Pulse even allows for Bluetooth and Apple Watch integration for a wireless, visual, and physical connection to your music that a simple click can’t match.

  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Tap tempo
  • Customizable playlists
  • Tweakable themes with custom colors and click sounds
  • Tempo syncing across devices with Bluetooth
  • Haptic vibrations
  • Background mode enabled
  • Apple Watch support

Pro Metronome

Price: Free
Platform: Android

When it comes to balancing power with ease-of-use, Pro Metronome is king. The metronome alone boasts visual, flash, vibrate, and airplay modes, keeping you in time sonically, physically, and visually. Upgrade to the full version of Pro Metronome, and you can program in-depth subdivisions, polyrhythms, and much more. And the app is a breeze to navigate. Whether a drummer or a musician looking to push your rhythmic boundaries, Pro Metronome may be the way to go. 

  • Dynamic time-signature settings
  • 13 time-keeping sounds, including voice
  • Tap tempo
  • Color Mode displays time graphically
  • Pendulum Mode, for visual feedback
  • Power-Saving/Background Modes
  • Session timer
  • Landscape mode offers increased resolution
  • Audiobus support


These ten are just a handful of awesome metronome apps available. Of course, there are countless others with various features and parameters. We recommend looking around to find your perfect fit. But these ten are a great place to start.

Have more questions about finding the right one for you? Contact us! We’d love to get to know you and help you find the perfect solution.

We look forward to hearing from you.