The Perfect Pair: STOMP & Soundbrenner

If you’ve been following Coda, then you already know that STOMP is the best option for hands-free page turning on the market. But if you only think of it a page-turner, you’d miss out on the real power of the pedal.

STOMP can also be used for everything from triggering playback to managing your band’s click tracks. 

Pink Droyd live

As a touring musician in a high-production tribute show (Pink Droyd), not only does STOMP deliver on all of these platforms, the band wouldn’t trust any other device. As central-command for Pink Droyd’s live click tracks, it is truly invaluable.

Before we got our hands on STOMP, the band had tried everything from fully automating the click via Ableton to putting the drummer on a standard metronome. Each of these methods had drawbacks that rendered them unusable.

Eventually, the band went back to playing without a click..., and the tempos suffered.

How Things Changed With The Coda STOMP

Then came STOMP and my all-time favorite metronome, the Soundbrenner app. With Soundbrenner, I can easily create my tempos with different time signatures, tempos, and accents; save them into individual setlists, and recall them with ease. Best of all, I can do it all right from the Apple iPhone I always have in my pocket.

These days, from the downbeat of our first song until the final encore, I have full control of the tempos right from my pedalboard. Hit the switch on the right, and I can start and stop the click, while the switch on the left scrolls through tracks in my pre-saved set lists.

And if something unexpected happens, throwing the band off the tempo, I simply kick off the pedal. We’ll finish out that song without a problem and with the audience being none the wiser.

Using the Soundbrenner metronome app with STOMP couldn’t be easier. I simply pair it the way you would with any Bluetooth device (I find STOMP’s mode four works best with my setup).

Fire up the Soundbrenner app, and the pedal automatically takes control. No hassle or fear of it dropping the connection. Just full and reliable control of the show.

Thanks to the combination of Coda Music Technologies’ STOMP and the Soundbrenner app for iOS, Pink Droyd sounds better than ever. And with a full click track rig that only includes the pedal and the iPhone I already have, it’s proven the most convenient and affordable option out there.

So for all you bands investing thousands into your laptops, tracks, and production software, it’s time you embraced this powerhouse pair of performance-enhancing devices.

Note: STOMP works equally as well with a host of other Bluetooth-enabled metronome apps and software. 

Purchase a Soudbrenner Wearable Metronome here.


About the author:

Paul Kobylensky is the bassist for touring Pink Floyd tribute act Pink Droyd, guitarist for prog outfit Random Change, and guitarist for surf rockers, Strange Waters. He is also a published music journalist with Premier Guitar,, Sweetwater, and more.


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